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Culture at Sociabble


What is our ambition and core values?

Founded in 2014 by two pioneers of the Internet, Sociabble aims to become the leading global platform for getting employees truly informed, engaged, and serving as ambassadors of their company. We want to reconnect and reengage employees so that they can share a common vision with their employer. We also want to align the engagement of employees with the CSR commitment of companies.

Sociabble values

Sociabble’s culture in a nutshell

We are a global company since the very beginning with its headquarters in Paris, its R&D in Lyon, and offices in London, New York and Mumbai.
Our team is multicultural with 8 different nationalities represented.

  • We assume a sustainable growth, self-funded, to build a long-term company. We are adepts of the bootstrapping philosophy and we value long term relationships with our employees, clients, and partners.
  • We have always focused on the quality of our product FIRST. Before marketing. 30% of the team works in our R&D department. We value experience. Our tech people are experienced professionals. Our Head of Product has more than 25 years of experience and Sociabble is identified by U.S. analysts as one of the best solutions on the market today.
  • Simplicity, kindness, respect, exemplarity, fairness, and trust are the values ​​around which the company has developed. The teams consist of a mix of experienced and junior professionals, to facilitate day-to-day learning through mentoring.
Sociabble’s culture in a nutshell

What we are looking for

Sociabble is looking for employees who see great things ahead, both for themselves and for the company, and who realize this ambition by seeking excellence in their daily work.

They are humble, and they do not hesitate to help others. Specifically, employees who like to learn and share their experience, who are pro-active, and who can work well autonomously but also as part of a team.

Qualities we appreciate


Best practices

An interest in competitive and industry analysis, to identify best practices.


Outside the box

The ability to innovate and think “outside the box”



The ability to structure one’s work with an eye toward growing in the long-term


Learn & Share

An adherence to the values that drive the company

Things to know

  • The Paris office is located in a former mansion built before the French Revolution, with two terraces for working outside.
  • 2 annual internal seminars, lasting 3 days each, are organized in Paris, with all employees involved to share best practices and help build for the future.
  • Favorite tools: Trello, Microsoft Teams, Zoho, Whiteboard.
  • Sports practiced by the teams: running, triathlon, trail running, badminton, fitness, skateboarding, windsurfing, tennis, diving, basketball, football
  • Reference books: Conscious Business, Velocity, Search Inside Yourself, Blue Ocean, Predictable Revenue

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